Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello bloggers! It's me Rachel Windtalon! By now you must have heard of Abigail Dragonheart. Well seeing Donna Spellthorn's lat post on her blog,, gave me the idea to create this blog to help find Abigail Dragonheart, and other wizards that may want to be found on wizard 101. After we find Abby we will wait for you guys to give us a new wizard to look for, but those wizards must meet these requirements:

-you and the wizard must have met on wizard 101

-they must exist

-you must provide a picture and/or description

So I hope this blog will help find wizards you may be looking for, bye!


  1. I ment to comment on yours or Donna's blog yesterday sorry. I saw Abigail but sadly she ran out of the screen to fast and I don't have text so I couldn't have told her any ways. Sorry again hope you find her

  2. Your kidding!? That's the second time she's been spotted. Did she look like the person in the picture?

  3. i just saw the name and pink hair sry

  4. X sigh X then it probably was her X sigh X this is driving me so insane that I had two dreams about finding her last night. X sigh X TWO! COUNT EM' TWO!